Quinoa Artichoke Broccoli Cheese Casserole

I’m trying to incorporate a wider variety of veggies in my diet paired with something other than pasta. Well, quinoa is known as the “super food” and though on its own it has a very pungent nutty flavor, when combined with veggies it gives a really nice combination of flavors. I searched a bit online to get some ideas and then came up with something slightly different. My recipe is based on ifoodreal.com. However, I wanted the recipe to be lighter so I did not use mozarella but instead put a tbsp of cream cheese. I also did not use corn starch because I didn’t have any and I used broccoli instead of spinach since that’s what I had. And, as usual, I added a few more garlic cloves and used two medium onions.

For the cheese sauce, I mixed this separately in a bowl and added the veggies and mixed them thoroughly and then added the whole thing to the pot. I used frozen veggies so I microwaved these for a few minutes to soften and the mixed them into the cheese sauce. I’ve learned that food cooks much more evenly when things are mixed WELL. After a few more minutes of cooking the veggie cheese mixture, I added the quinoa. I used a terra cotta pot to bake this and topped it with another 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese. After 20 minutes of baking, I put it on broiler for another 5 minutes to give it a nice brown crispy coating. I paired this up with fried cod which went perfect together.

This was really delicious and very light. I will definitely be making this again!



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